A very different Christmas

When I began writing early last week, I did it because I was missing my mom. And because I wasn’t at all in the mood for Christmas. The transformative power of words continually surprises me, even though no one believes in that power more than I do. Instead of missing my mom tremendously and feeling bummed, I began to celebrate who she was and what she brought to the holiday each year.

We needed a change this year, so we cane to New York City as a family. This city can accommodate any person, any mood, in any situation. It has accommodated me.

So it’s a different kind of Christmas, with a different kind of magic. And here… Even here…I have passed my mother on the streets. Because the first time I visited NYC in the spring of 1989, she was with me.

Wherever you are today, I hope you are with people you love and I hope you can reach out and grab some magic out of the air in your space.

And if you are missing someone important to you, do your best to remember the joy. Walk a familiar route and you might just pass them on the streets.

Happy Holidays!

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