They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. They say this and they chuckle. I think you can only chuckle if you are fully confident that you are not standing on that road, paving that road yourself with your own good intentions. I stopped chuckling a long time ago. My intentions were almost always good. But they were almost never successful. I could wallpaper the Biltmore Estate with my resolutions lists. I don’t remember ever finishing any of them. Ever.

However. HOWEVER! I refuse to give up. I believe with my entire heart that people can always change. And while I believe there’s a place for cutting myself some slack and being content with who and what I am, I know who and what I want to be and don’t intend to quit. Not yet.

So I say that the road to success is paved with good intentions. The road to Heaven. The road to being Intentional.

My word of the year, for the whole year, is Intentional. Whatever I do this year, whether it’s spending a day in PJs while watching You’ve Got Mail or whether it’s finally entering a 10K and surviving it, I will do it on purpose.

I will save money intentionally. Get healthy intentionally. Parent better intentionally. Run the house more efficiently. Read the Bible cover-to-cover for the first time in my life. None of these things ever happen accidentally, after all.

It applies to everything. And it’s not that hard. It only requires a couple of major things: The first is that I redeem my time. I can’t let life schedule ME. I have to be holding the leash.  And it requires making consistent and daily deposits into all of these banks. It requires being 100% proactive. I can’t intentionally procrastinate and have this work out for me in the end.

I intend to do many things.

I do not intend to fail.

We shall see, now won’t we?


4 thoughts on “Intentional

    1. It’s not that I have a low self-esteem or believe I haven’t achieved anything, it’s just that I feel I’ve never finished anything. And I want to finish what I see out in front of me.

  1. “She that doesn’t try has failed already.” I’m sure someone famous said that but I don’t know who, anyway, I appreciate the fact that you are always trying to improve, as we all should, and love you for it.

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