Craigslist again. True Stories.

Craigslist Strikes Again
So you want to hear a little sliver of irony? I use and love Craigslist like it alone is keeping me alive. And yet, there is some sort of disconnect keeping me from emailing a person and inquiring about what I want to buy. I have to call the Informinator and get her to email for me with my information.
Oh the irony.
Pretty much can’t be fixed. I’ve tried.
So in the following ad, even if I wanted to contact the person, I couldn’t. I found it funny, though.

Nintendo Ds Lite – $40
I have a red an black Nintendo Ds lite I would like to sell it is in great condition an comes with the charger if interested dont be afraid to txt or call
• it’s ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
post id: 4276468076
posted: 3 days ago
email to friend
♥ best of
I’m not afraid to call or text. This person just didn’t provide a number. Lots of comfort and love…no number. ALso no grammar. Shame on you. Or is it sham on you? See below.

twin beds like new used in guess room
comforters,sheet,shame,and skirt go with it
Oh, I loves me a good guess room. I’ve done some of my best guessing in guess rooms. But I decided not to call on this one because I didn’t want the shame that went with it.
I do not make these up. Promise.

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