When Craigslist Meets Maracas

OK. So I’m always shopping on Craigslist for something. That’s a given. I love to hunt for stuff and I love a good bargain. Recently I’ve been hunting a new camera body, because mine is just too tired to keep singing anymore.

I have read this entire post twice and still have no idea how this post came up from the camera search I was doing. But somehow, while searching for a very specific Canon in my fair city, this ad from Daytona Beach came up. Listen, maybe you don’t care squat about Craigslist, but you gotta read this ad. Read it. Really.


Of all the things they are selling, the MARACAS are the heading for the ad. “Very Nice, BRAND NEW set of Maracas.” That’s good, because I do not like my maracas to be used. That’s just wrong.

Special notation that they are also selling a DOGLOO for $25, listed right next to the $50 mulch. And there’s a handmade vintage peacock wall art.

In all this, the thing that made the headline was the maracas.

And I was searching for a camera.


Happy Harvest, Florida Style

In case you are wondering, this is how Florida does pumpkins. And you may be thinking that we carved these the first week of October, giving them a full 3 or 4 weeks to rot. This, friends, is not the case.

We carved these pumpkins on October 24. This is 8 days in Florida.

No wonder I can’t lose weight. Internally, I’m moldy and rotten. No one can survive in these conditions.

It’s terrible.



Really, I’m joking. Besides the rotting vegetation that I’m going to have to sandblast from my porch, we are happy. It is November 2 and while my heart tightens a little every time I think about how fast the days are passing me by, I’m also working on the best Christmas mix ever and embracing the days ahead.

Happy Harvest, wherever you are.