Facing Facts

I am a member of the YMCA. I love that place, but don’t go every day, because it is rather unfortunately more than 15 minutes from my house. This makes it a little more challenging.

Today, I actually had time to go there, but talked myself out of it after I looked up the mileage from my house. First, I could save gas by not going. Second, in the amount of time I’d drive round trip, I could actually get my run in by just running right here in Pit Bull City.

It was a perfect plan.
Except for a couple of small things I didn’t take into consideration:
I didn’t realize that it was 763 degrees outside this morning with 217% humidity. This was a huge, HUGE factor. It was like trying to run with an overweight monkey on your back. (There actually IS an overweight monkey in this blog, but we aren’t going to go into that right now…)

I also didn’t take into consideration that I’m not fit and 23 years old. That one bums me out every time, though this is not a new realization.

I ran with two shirts on. Two regular weight cotton t-shirts. Why? Why would I do that? I have no idea. All I know is, it was a horrible idea.

Somehow only Milli Vanilli (Don’t act like you don’t like them, too) would come up on my ipod’s shuffle. I was desperate for a quick paced Justin Timberlake. All I could get was Milli Vanilli.

I’m pretty sure that the few cars who passed me on my “run” did not even recognize that I was running. It was a whole lot more like a seizuring person looking for a walk-in clinic.

But what made it all worthwhile, besides the fact that it’s done and behind me now, was that at one point while I was actually walking (ok, if you must know…I walked more than I ran today), I saw a shadow trotting along the fence beside me. I looked over, expecting the usual angry pit bull and saw a tiny, perky, black little pig.

The pig was a bright spot, for sure.
But next time I’m going to the Y.

3 thoughts on “Facing Facts

  1. Great job getting out there, Missy, good for you! I have been getting back into it lately myself. It is hard to run when out of shape – as I am – especially in this heat!

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