Country Run

So I was supposed to start exercising when Numero Quatro started preschool. And give up twinkies. That didn’t happen.

I did go running today, though. I was not a gazelle, but I got it done. You have to go through that first phase before becoming a gazelle. My gazelle days are coming.

I now have a route I really like, which is comforting somehow. About halfway down one of my sidestreet country roads, I saw an older couple standing out in front of their property, inspecting some vegetation. It looked like a garden of sorts. The leaves coming up were a deep, healthy green. As I ran by, I said,

“That’s quite a crop you got there.” I was proud of myself. I had spoken. I had used the word crop. And I had seen humans. All in the same place.
The lady chuckled at my comment. Why is she chuckling, I wondered.

“What is it?” I asked, following up on my crop question. I was guessing broccoli in my head.

“These are elephant ears,” she answered blankly. “They spring up naturally.”


I totally knew that.




3 thoughts on “Country Run

  1. It hurts me to say this….more than it hurts you, I’m sure….but just as you have a ways to go on your gazelle achievement, you do on your farm knowledge. But maybe some people eat elephant ears…..cooked just right with plenty of salt….

  2. Actually this ole city gal would have thought the same thing!! I would not think that elephant ears grow on the way side, here in PA we buy them at the bakery….totally delicious sticky buns that are flattened and they end up looking like elephant ears! 🙂 Patty

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