I’m a farmer now.

Not really. But I call myself that. And I am definitely not scared of being dirty or fighting possums or creating ramps to roll trashed barbecue grills into the back of the golf cart thingies to drive to the street for trash pickup. I also have many other very marketable skills. I’m working on writing them down and marketing them. Because they are marketable. And there’s a market for these things. Maybe even a farmer’s market.

Or something.

I have much to say, but every time I try to, I end up looking at a paragraph that’s pretty much nonsense. (See above.) I am settling in to a new home and a new kind of life. I’ve decided not to trade in any of the people, though. I like them. Everything else is up for grabs. I’ll even sell you the van for the right price. It handles tight parking spots quite well.

There is a future post in the works about the garden that is growing out back. I have to give a huge shout out to my parents in law, who will remain unnamed for privacy’s sake. Since this blog got 2 views this morning, I have to think about privacy. We’ll just call them Barrell and Plank Flap. Let it go, people. Do not try to figure out who they are. Get your own gardening in-laws. Stop stalking.


See why I haven’t posted? It’s ugly.

Until I can string some thoughts together into something that would have made above a C in 9th grade, I will leave you with a couple of harvest photos. The garden is amazing. And fun. And tasty. It’s turning out some pretty large stuff. God grows really neat stuff. I’m glad my kids are figuring out that grocery stores are not where things grow.

Even these guys like it…

We had to take her to the chiropractor after she hoisted this thing up against her shoulder. Yes, that IS a zucchini.

Eat your heart out, Publix.


13 thoughts on “I’m a farmer now.

  1. Beautiful veggies!!! Love it!!! So happy you are enjoying this new life!!! L is super cute with that zucchini!!

  2. So happy for you all. I have some really cool recipes for zucchini, but they’re way expensive here in CA (at the store, anyway).

  3. “It handles tight parking spots quite well.”

    I don’t even know where to begin with that one.

  4. 😀 ! No one will ever figure out who Barrell and Plank Flap are. That really is a big zucchini, and all your other veggies look great too. Glad you’re enjoying it.

  5. Love the veggies! Cant’ wait to see what else you are growing. Glad the kids are enjoying them also! 🙂

  6. When a zucchini would get away from us and get big like that, my mom would hollow it out and make a meatloaf. She’d use Italian seasonings and the insides of the zucchini in the mix, then put it back inside the shell and bake, with tomato sauce and cheese on top, of course. So yummy!

    So fortunate of you to have gardeners-in-law!

  7. Your weird little doll collection creeps me out. Why photograph them when you have perfect children? Lovely garden. Lovely children. Lovely in-laws.

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