Children are fresh from God. Why do I ever treat them like they stinketh?

Well, I think I’m watching a hamster die. And while, quite frankly, I have wished for this before we move, now I regret my wish. Claire, the more hyper and aggressive of our two  hamster girls, appears to be almost dead. She isn’t right, for sure. My niece is over for the afternoon and came to me with Claire. She was cuddling her and said, “I thought she would wake up, but she didn’t. She’s so sleepy.” Red flag. Claire doesn’t sleep through anything. She’s a wild one. So I touched her and she doesn’t feel warm and cozy like she usually does. She is still breathing, still twitching the whiskers, etc. But she’s either sick or on her way to the other side. Either way, she now has clean bedding and will rest in peace and dignity. My poor niece was already crying over it and it hasn’t happened yet. Sweet soul, that one. She’s 15 months old now (the hamster, not the niece…). Hamsters don’t usually live more than a year. Then again, neither do goldfish, and we had a run-of-the-mil goldfish last for 5.5 years. That’s Methusaleh old.

That’s not what I meant to say, though. I’ve been thinking since reading a really great article. And instead of restating something that was well-said in the beginning, I’m just going to send you to a great blog. I’m a firm believer that functional, loving families exist and people can be close even when they are vastly different. I believe teenagers can be fun AND respectful. I believe siblings can get along and treat each other like friends, not warts and tumors. And I believe that they learn all of this from me and Todd. How we treat each other, other people, and them will shape how they treat each other, other people, and us. I have had quite a few regretful moments. I believe I don’t have to keep having them. I believe change is possible. And I believe Jesus absolutely wants me to get this right; for the children.

I think we’re on the right path. This article hit me like a ton of bricks and shoved me hard in the right direction.  Go read it. It just might change your life.

Civility in the Christian Home

2 thoughts on “Children are fresh from God. Why do I ever treat them like they stinketh?

  1. have you listened to jen and her husbands 4 (or 5, i forget) part seminar on Christian parenting? it is on the village church’s website. under seminars… great stuff!

  2. p.s. our hamster, nibbles, is 20 months old and still running on the wheel. but she is looking a little long in the tooth. and those long teeth like to taste my hand.

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