This morning was a little bit strange. Beloved, now in Kindergarten, is struggling to keep the Grumpy Bear on a leash. She gets in the car in the afternoon, usually with one energetic burst of something school-related. One day it was: “BUENOS DIAS, Mommy!” Yesterday it was: “I got on yellow!” Oh boy. I knew that yellow was coming. She’s a social child. She’s also loud and demonstrative. She isn’t real covert in her socializing operations. Right after her one burst of info, the crying sets in. And then I start trying to get the bear back on the leash.

This morning she got up at 6 saying she didn’t feel well. This is a phrase now almost as common as “Hello” with her. Actually, ‘hello’ isn’t technically a phrase. But whatever. You get the idea. So we’ll see how her day goes on that kind of sleep.

As I was finalizing her backpack with an afternoon snack, I asked her what she wanted.

“Do you want the last of the Doritos or some chips?” I asked.

“Just something available,” she answered. What? Huh?

“What? Something available?” I asked, squinting at her across the kitchen.

“Yes, Mommy. Just whatever’s available.” I didn’t want that one blowing up in my face, so I continued my inquiry.

“How about Cheerios?” I asked. “Do you want Cheerios or Ritz Crackers?” She looked at me and answered.

“You can choose what it is, as long as it’s available.” Why would I put an unavailable snack into her backpack? Apparently someone has learned a new word and is using it at all the wrong times.

I picked Cheerios. Then I spilled half of them all over the floor just trying to pour them into a baggie. I’ll be crushing them underfoot for the rest of the day.

But at least they’ll be available.

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