Enthusiasm in the New Year

This day last year, I was feverishly preparing to launch my new blog. I was so excited about it. For awhile there, I wrote every day without fail.

Even though I have allowed too much time to pass between entries, I do still love it. And I do intend to keep it up. AND furthermore, I promise to share all the grand adventures of living out in the country, raising chickens and vegetables, once we get moved. I guarantee some horror stories that will involve rats or spiders or frogs. If isn’t going to go well for me, but I still think I will love it.

I spent an hour or so on Saturday perusing thrift stores in Brandon while waiting for my boys to be done at a birthday party. I have come to love thrift stores because it is like searching for buried treasure. I often find neat things at ridiculously low prices when I went in looking for something else entirely. In fact, Beloved is wearing some blingy sketchers to school today because we found just her size, in like new condition, for $4. I don’t spend $30something on sketchers, but I will spend $4. And she couldn’t be happier. When I arrived back in the parking lot of the jump center where my boys were, I had to rearrange my area rug and night stand purchase. I either needed to repack the car or strap the boys to the top. I chose to repack. I pulled the night stand out and set it in the parking lot behind my van. Then, I got into the trunk, with as many body parts hanging out of the van as there were inside it. And I rearranged and got the third seat operational again. As I was finishing, a friend walked up. We’ll call her Flecky Bilt.

“For a second there, I actually wondered who the crazy lady was unloading furniture in the parking lot…”

As she said this, another friend, Baron Wetty, walked up and said, “oh, I knew EXACTLY who it was…”

I begged her pardon.

In other news, the best thing I’ve read lately, besides my Bible, is this blog entry. They are all good, but this one hit me in the right spot on the right day. Go read!

Living with Enthusiasm