I didn’t think about Louisiana once today…

…until this moment.
Why is that, you ask?
Well, I’ll tell you. Today I did what I’ve been dying to do for years now: I flew over that tourist-devouring, swamp-sporting, traffic stopping state. Ahhh, life is good.

I am tired, but happy to be here. My oldest boy is already spending the first night here over at his cousin’s next door. This means I may have a prayer of the others sleeping in.

None of this is interesting, but I went to bed at 3 last night, so you don’t get interesting tonight. Sorry.

Happy thanksgiving week! I am looking very forward to traditional feast foods, the Macy’s Parade, a movie for the kids, and game playing a plenty.

Tonight the game is called Technology Table. It consists of 4 adults sitting around a table together. Two of them are using laptops; two are on iPads. The object of the game is to talk as little as possible, avoid looking up, and do a lot of grunting at the information you receive on the technological device. Phrases like, “huh” are worth 5 points. Accurate weather forecasts are worth 10 (points allotted the next day). And if you break a national story to the other adults at the table, you win the game.

I tried to win with “did you hear Demi Moore is divorcing Ashton Kutcher?” apparently that news came out on Friday.

If you attempt to win the game by breaking old news that is deemed stupid, you are docked 100 points, making it nearly impossible to win.

Go grab a device and get to playing…

(I have a feeling this is really going to take off.)