Elaine the Informinator

Our first shout out goes to the esteemed Elaine the Informinator, whom I’ve known since college. I don’t remember exactly when or how I met her. I have tried and tried to recall why she would break into the chorus of “Sinners, Jesus Will Receive” when she saw me coming. What sin had I committed? Neither of us remember, but I’m sure it was something ludicrous.

Since college, Elaine has become my indentured partner in just about every local pursuit I undertake. (This makes it seem like I have international bank accounts for something. What other pursuits are there?) We ROCK the Halloween party scene. Or at least we did in 1996 when we took individual tracks from 200 separate CDs and burned them onto 5 “Pumpkin Carve-Off” compilation albums.  I shudder to think what genius business venture we might have thought up if we hadn’t spent 529 hours burning CDs. But we rocked it. And there’s something to be said for knowing how create an atmosphere, right?

Nobody can beat us in Bunko. We have private signals that are a type of voodoo dice magic.

Nobody knows more information than she does. (I’m hoping there’ll be an Ask Elaine column on this blog at some point. ) Nobody is smarter. Except me, but it’s my blog and I can lie if I want to.

And quite seriously, without Elaine, this blog would not exist. And maybe that doesn’t mean much to you, but it means the world to me. I’m sure you’ll be getting to know Elaine in future days, but for now, enjoy a shot of her getting mugged by some frames from 1985.

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