Dorky Giveaways

Everything given away in the early days of this blog will:

  • cost less than a dollar and will fit in a business envelope to be mailed with a 44 cent stamp.
  • be dorky.
  • improve your life by at least 250%.

And the very first giveaway goes to a super lucky winner chosen at random and will be…..(go take your blood pressure medication….): 5 dental plackers from the dollar store! It may not seem all that exciting now, but just you wait until that apple peel is stuck between your bottom two teeth or you can’t find the cake tester in your silverware drawer. Then you can let the relief of this prize come washing over you…


6 thoughts on “Dorky Giveaways

  1. Well, the plackers – I’ll skip this time around… but the stickers of any size, shape or theme? My girls would enter a post every day just to increase their odds of winning…

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